Brian Eno & Davide Byrne - America Is Waiting

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Brian Eno & David Byrne - America Is Waiting

'America Is Waiting' is taking from the seminal album 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' which was produced in 1979/1980 by composer Brian Eno and David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame). To me this record always sounds fresh and interesting - despite some dated sounding synthisizers on it. It's testament to the compositional skills of the two players, and the skills of the musicians the employed to work on it.

TV On The Radio - The Wrong Way


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TV On The Radio - The Wrong Way

When I decided to put TV On The Radio as today's track it was because I was going to go and see them tonight. But the gig has been cancelled due to the unexpected death of Tunde's father. My sympathies are with you.

The Wrong Way is taken from their album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes on 4AD. It's a corker of an album that's got me through a couple of backstage at photo shoots periods for SHOWstudio this year.

published 2005.11.17 updated 2017.06.26

HH Echo Unit

After years of hunting

HH Echo Unit

HH Echo Unit

already installed at bottom of stack

I've been wanting an HH Electronics Echo Unit since I first played with one belonging to Chris years ago, but it's proven hard to find one. Eventually one cropped up on Ebay earlier this month, but due to a browser crash I missed a last minute attempt to grab it. However it seems fate was on my side, and the winning bidder didn't complete, thus risingpete gave me the chance to purchase.

This is the unit that makes the warm echo sound on Delicate Release, and try as I've might I've never been able to get quite the same effect, with either other tape delays (I've also got a Roland RE-201 Space Echo... any offers?), digital delays or software. I just had to have one - even if I can't afford it at the moment.

Of course, a poor craftsman blames his tools, so I'm now going to have to get down to making some more music I'm happy with - when I get some time...

published 2005.11.16 updated 2017.06.26

Plaid - Shackbu

A dancefloor favourite

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Plaid - Shackbu

Anyone who has heard me DJ my hip-hop/electronica set in the last 6 years - not that I do that very often anymore - should recognise this. It's one of my favourite crossover tracks.

Plaid are one of my favourite artists in the Warp Records family. They've never had the critical acclaim or attention of Boards of Canada, which is a shame, as they deserve to be seen as equals, if not as the influencing elder brothers.

Shackbu is taken from their second album, Rest Proof Clockwork, released in 1999.

Barry Adamson - Jazz Devil

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Barry Adamson - Jazz Devil

This has been a tough choice. I've listened to every Barry Adamson album today looking for a track, after coming across Jazz Devil last night whilst listening to iTunes on Random. After that entire excursion I decided that, whilst there are stronger Adamson tracks, I do really like this one and should just put it up. This isn't, after all, about picking the creme-de-la-creme of music here, it's about putting up things I've been listening to and enjoying. So there.

Jazz Devil is taken from As Above So Below released on Mute in 1998. It is, like all of his albums, rather good.

published 2005.11.15 updated 2017.06.26

Christoph Poppen - Sarabanda

Partita d-Moll BMV 1004 für Violine solo

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Christoph Poppen - Sarabanda

Putting up todays entry has been a learning experience for me, and reminded me why I love the internet. I'm not au fait with the ways of Classical music. I didn't pay attention too much to my music teachers at school, and was more interested in guitars, synthesizers and record decks than violins and orchestras. I regret that now. A few searches and I realise that.

Today's track is from the Morimur composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Did you know that there is an indexing system specifically for Bach's work?

To me this piece is a story told through music. A deep, resonant and moving solo violin, with a message part sadness and part joy.

Some searching around explains what it's all about. If the thesis is correct it explains why I find it so moving.

I think I'm going to have to try and get hold of the copy with the 80 page booklet to find out about that thesis.

The quote on the back of the CD is also of interest:

Ancient art has a specific inner content. At one time, art possessed the same purpose that books do in our day, namely: to preserve and transmit knowledge. In olden days, people did not write books, they incorporated their knowledge into works of art. We would find a great many ideas in the works of ancient art passed down to us, if only we knew how to read them.G. Gurdjieff

published 2005.11.14 updated 2017.06.26

Swen's Blog

Artists mentioned in The Wire

As The Wire is the only tree based music magazine I read on a regular basis I thought a link to Swen's unofficial blog about artists mentioned in The Wire was well worth a link.

Shame about the overload of adverts on it.

published 2005.11.14 updated 2017.06.26

Etta James - Mellow Fellow

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Etta James - Mellow Fellow

Etta James is an artist who needs no introduction, especially from me when others can do it so much better.

I first heard today's track, Mellow Fellow, early one morning after a late night out. It woke the souls in the room that were starting to slumber. Dancing ensued.

I thought I'd put it up this morning as I needed a similar kind of waking up.

This track, as far as I can find out, was released in 1964 as a B side to the single "Bobby Is His Name".... I eventually found it on the Chess Club compilation "Chess Club Rhythm & Soul" which is a collection of classics from that label that is worth several listens. I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else on Etta's numerous albums and compilations.

published 2005.11.13 updated 2017.06.26

Lipreading classes should be free and better supported

A good cause put forward and championed by my dad.

Vote for it here so that LINK can take it forward. You can see the other 'soapbox' opinions here.

- though, obviously, LINK need to have an option for a decent, cross-browser, website, built by someone who knows better than to put spaces in URI's. etc. etc. :-(

Gerry is also interviewed in the October issues of One In Seven the RNID members magazine, with a moving story from my niece Fiona, about his cochlear implant which has given him the ability to hear again. Hopefully he's enjoying the music.

published 2005.11.13 updated 2017.06.26

Chris Watson - Ol-Olool-O

Music to my ears

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Chris Watson - Ol-Olool-O

Chris Watson is probably best known for his contribution to music as a member of electro pioneers Cabaret Voltaire. Whilst the Cabs rate highly in my musical collection today's track 'Ol-Olool-O' by Chris isn't music as most would expect it. It's a collage of sounds made by him from recording made during his work as a sound recordist on natural history programs. The depth in the sounds he uses is amazing. The sounds of thunder and rain beautiful and emotive. It makes you listen to the world around you in a different way

This track is taken from his album Weather Report on Touch Records. Also worth checkin out is Outside The Circle of Fire which contains a selection of his isolated wildlife recordings. Listening to Tiger's purring, or Owl's marking their boundaries, is a wonderful experience. Especially wandering around London with your iPod on.

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