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A self portrait for my good friend in Thailand

I was going to post this privately, but thought I should get used to my self image more. This photograph will have to make me accept the fact that I have a rugby players neck. Is that a bad thing?

published 2003.06.22 updated 2017.06.26

For The Record

OK, so I admit it, I'm a bit anal about my record collection. Like anyone who knows me doesn't realise that... anyway, this is my current desktop picture. And I like it. So I'm sharing it. :-P

for the record


Organisation at work

Coming home from visiting Dare and LLoyd@kleber I realised what I'd done when trying to organise my last months accumulated paperwork...

published 2003.06.09 updated 2017.06.26

The Earl Of Radnor

Not a particularly wonderful picture, but it is only a pub sign! I've put it here for safekeeping, though it does actually hang outside my bedroom window...

published 2002.07.16 updated 2017.06.26

the things one does

in the name of entertainment [for others...]

Charlotte, myself and Wendy on Valentines Day 1999 at The Vortex Jazz Cafe in London, taken between spinning tunes on the wheels of steel [and some rather explicit dancing from the girls...]

published 2000.05.05 updated 2017.06.26
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