News reports from John Snow and colleagues at Channel 4 News.

Having not had a television for almost a year I've come to miss some things about it. Mostly being able to watch the news of an evening. However over the time I've become more and more fond of the other way I receive my daily update of what's going on in the world. It's short, and it's a bit more personal.


I also enjoy getting The Wrap from the Guardian every day. And The Informer.

Predictably I use both the guardian and channel 4 news websites for reading about news, as well as BBC News On-Line.

But I still like the simplest push media. email. If only there wasn't so much spam.

Oh, and Jude has just done this: GhostWriter. Which has reminded me to link to medialens. And indymedia. For balance.

published 2003.07.06 updated 2014.11.03
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