Kid Koala - 'Some of my best friends are DJs'

Turntablism meets New Orleans, a young man telling stories...

I've been a fan of Kid Koala since I first heard '' on Ninja in, oh, 96?

Anyway his new album has instantly got me hooked - after takingh 2 months to buy it. His style of composing together sounds is lovely. It explores a number of jazz themes whilst also referencing more modern turntablism. It has a lot of soul and it is more than just a piece of music - it's Kid Koala telling stories.

Ninja are selling it as a book + CD [a great VAT get out clause guys] and it comes with a beautifully illustrated 50 page comic book drawn by Kid Koala and telling short stories of lifes frustations - Skid's quest for love is something that was refelcted in the 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' and the gamesong that James Tindall did for the 'Fender Bender' single. I remember Eric speaking to us at Kleber at the time and saying he didn't want to have any way of loosing the game, and how strongly he felt about anything being done in his name. A very proud artist.

And it's got a beautiful video on the CD as well.... overall it's a great example of a package which has had a lot of love put into it by the producer, not just another faceless product. The kind of thing that could only be nurtured by an independent record label, not by an artist alone or by people out to make a fast buck.

He's also great live.

'Some of my best friends are DJs' ... go buy it.

published 2003.11.30 updated 2017.06.26
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