Listening Non-Habits

I've started going through my record collection, listening to each record in order (1-n then alphabetically) was the original intent, but that got to 'Two Lone Swordsmen' - which in typing this I've only just realised should be filed under T not 2 - things started getting awfully repetitive, so now I'm leaping from artists to artists in this phase.

So far I've got to 50, and just listened to '50th Anniversary ov LSD - Tribute to Albert Hofmann' (released in 1993, and bought, I hasten to add - also, compilations are ordered by title, not in their own space, in my collection),next up is '50 years of Classic Horror Film Music (The Omen and Other Themes)'. Given the length of time my record collection was gathered over, and the various interests I've taken in different Genre's of music, this seemingly ordered approach is actually turning out to feel quite random.

Which is something I take great joy in: Chaos out of Order (especially when you try to beat mix them)

published 2009.02.07 updated 2017.06.26
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