Iiyama technical support

kudos for a call well handled.

I've been having problems with my Iiyama flatscreen display. I've generally been happy with it, but lately it's developed a fault with the VGA input.

I just placed a call with them which was one of the most efficient, helpful and friendly calls I've had in a long time. No waiting in a length queue, no horrible scripted support questions that patronise anyone but the most technologically inept, and my report has prompted them to send me a replacement monitor out on Friday.

Good work Iiyama!

And At the same time : "YA BOO SUCKS" to Sony. Apparently my 3 year old Video projector isn't worthy of repair as it's warranty has expired, and they don't actually provide any repair service for out of warranty products, or recomendation of repair service. Neither do Micro Anvika who I bought it from. I won't be buying any
Sony products again if I can help it.

published 2005.04.20 updated 2014.11.03
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