OK, so I'm slightly biased.

Angie, having finished her BSC with a first, has just stared practising at Yoga Place in Bethnal Green (London)

Over the 3 years she has been studying the insights that she's given me have helped provide some balance to my life, whether it's looking at my diet or enjoying an Ayurvedic treatment, such as a relaxing massage.

You can be certain that I'll make sure that, however new-age this may sound, I'll stop Angie from becoming a head wobbling hippie with no insight into what life is really like.

There is more information about Ayurveda , and a contact page, on Angie's site, which I'll obviously be expanding for her over time. She's just doing some initial ayurvedic consultations at the moment, as well as treatements, but she's getting very busy. So if you fancy trying it out... Book in


Chris Corsano

Free-Jazz Drumming.

Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 1)

Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 2)

Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 3)

Some video clips of Chris Corsano playing with Barr at the Luminaire in Kilburn last night. Corsano's drumming was hypnotic, first time I'd seen him live, but he must be seen again. Preferably without Barr, who rather spoiled it for me - Corsano seemed a bit trapped with the click-track and song format, though still managed to excel in that space.

Notable mentions to Temperatures and Birds Of Delay for great support slots. Magik Markers didn't really do it for me either. Thanks to Upset The Rhythm! for another excellent line-up.

HH Echo Unit

After years of hunting

HH Echo Unit

HH Echo Unit

already installed at bottom of stack

I've been wanting an HH Electronics Echo Unit since I first played with one belonging to Chris years ago, but it's proven hard to find one. Eventually one cropped up on Ebay earlier this month, but due to a browser crash I missed a last minute attempt to grab it. However it seems fate was on my side, and the winning bidder didn't complete, thus risingpete gave me the chance to purchase.

This is the unit that makes the warm echo sound on Delicate Release, and try as I've might I've never been able to get quite the same effect, with either other tape delays (I've also got a Roland RE-201 Space Echo... any offers?), digital delays or software. I just had to have one - even if I can't afford it at the moment.

Of course, a poor craftsman blames his tools, so I'm now going to have to get down to making some more music I'm happy with - when I get some time...

published 2005.11.16 updated 2017.06.26

FontExplorer X

For the obsessive compulsive font hoarder

I've just found this, which has answered my prayers after years of trying to find a way - short of several trees being felled - of browsing all the fonts I have. Lino type have answered my prayers... and what's more it's free to download, presumably subsidised by the iTunes like interface to their shop.

I've not played with it fully yet, but the fact that it imported my font library like a flash and I can browse it easily has made my day.

Linotype FontExplorer X

published 2005.10.19 updated 2014.11.03

Iiyama technical support

kudos for a call well handled.

I've been having problems with my Iiyama flatscreen display. I've generally been happy with it, but lately it's developed a fault with the VGA input.

I just placed a call with them which was one of the most efficient, helpful and friendly calls I've had in a long time. No waiting in a length queue, no horrible scripted support questions that patronise anyone but the most technologically inept, and my report has prompted them to send me a replacement monitor out on Friday.

Good work Iiyama!

And At the same time : "YA BOO SUCKS" to Sony. Apparently my 3 year old Video projector isn't worthy of repair as it's warranty has expired, and they don't actually provide any repair service for out of warranty products, or recomendation of repair service. Neither do Micro Anvika who I bought it from. I won't be buying any
Sony products again if I can help it.

published 2005.04.20 updated 2014.11.03


Object orientated productivity

QuickSilver is what it's creator, Blacktree Inc., call "An evolving framework for accessing and manipulating many forms of personal data." ... to me its a huge step forward in the way computers should work, and I can't wait to see how they extend it's functionality in future, especially with Tiger.

It addresses a flaw I've long found in computers which is an emphasis on application and operating system, rather than an emphasis on documents and tasks which seems much more practical.

To this end one extension I could see being great for QuickSilver - though maybe this is the programmer/CLI geek in me - is being able to access the script facilities of programs directly. So, for example, you could call up iTunes and then have access to all of the simple functions in the AppleScript Dictionary for that album that could operate on a third parameter. In a way this would give a shell/CLI like interface to windowed applications.

Having written that I'm guessing that it is probably me that would want it. It's also a bit like something I'd like to see in a shell, which is a way of simplifying parameter completion, which would be pretty hard to do in a shell context, but would work in the visual context that QuickSilver provides.

published 2005.01.15 updated 2014.11.03
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