Portakabin Fever

I've been liking the 10"s since they first came our, and the album is so good too.... melodic summer beats

published 2003.06.09 updated 2017.06.26


Don't we all like it?

It's been a while, but Matey told me earlier how happy I seemed. You know. and I am. And it's summer. And it is good.

I'm still enough of a cynic to say "It won't last"... but hey, as Stef said on saturday. "You never know".

I think the comfort is coming through. I'm doing things. Goddamit I'm updating my website. Am I sharing the joy? I do so hope so.

All my good energy is being sent to Danny

published 2003.06.09 updated 2017.06.26


To Hell With Good Intentions

"Our love is bigger than your love,
we take more drugs than a touring funk band,
sing it"

The White Stripes almost did it with "Fell In Love With A Girl", but this tune has really got to me... I'm now waiting for the album to come from Amazon and I hope it lives up to my expectations. I can't explain the sound I want now, but it makes me want to listen to the following :

Sonic Youth - Catholic Block
Colourbox - Just Give 'em Whisky
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Pailhead - Don't Stand In Line
Ministry - Stigmata
MDC - Acid Reindeer
Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized [Well, that's also Flo's influence]
The Breeders - Hapiness Is A Warm Gun

And loads of other songs which are burried somewhere on casettes that I've not listened to for years... I'll have to dust off the tape deck!

published 2002.11.14 updated 2014.11.03

My Wishlist(s)

If you'd like to buy me a present :)

I don't know why I'm publishing this. It does seem a little bit greedy. But I guess someone might, one day, be really thankful for something on my site (or for hosting their site).

Amazon Wishlist

And if you are feeling really, really thankful:

Final Scratch 2

Korg Stage Echo [Tape based echo unit]
HH Electronics delay [coarse, but has lovely controls]
Roland D50/550 [Synth, quite old and cliche, but I like the sounds]
Roland SH101 [just because I like them]
Nord Lead 3
Doepfer A100

published 2002.04.25 updated 2014.11.03

primal scream & death in vegas

live at the brixton accademy

woooo.... what a night out, both bands were excellent, and rather inspiring. Unfortunatly the Britxon accademy is still a horrible huge venue, and is terribly serviced.

Everyone left whilst on a high note and went back to Andy P's house to carry on drinking and listening to music.

love to all who were there.

published 2000.04.24 updated 2017.06.26

seeing old friends

matt jones's birthday drinks with the haddock crowd

a mildly debauched night ensued after dropping in to visit some old friends on a birthday celebration.

its all too easy to not see people for a bit, and then it suddenly be months, or years. especially when your working. then something happens which makes you realise that as well as your life, their lives are going on and having their traumas, and you've only got once that you can do any of this with them.

published 2000.04.20 updated 2017.06.26
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