Getting over the word Hacker and the Dead Languages.

An interesting article + my thoughts on it.

I like this article. As someone who has been called a hacker I can associate with what is being said. It sums up a lot of what I believe about technology, language, progress and how we should treat out children. I think that at points it suffers from intellectual naivety however, in that it believes that people all believe in each other and that greed is not a factor, presumably falling into the hacker edcit that knowledge is the only true goal. This is something I so want to believe, but the world around me proves that whilst there is one person with more than the other desire, and thus greed, will be born.

The information age has levelled so many barriers; Information is available to a much wider range of people much more easily. Admitedly the qualtiy of that information is, as a whole, quite low, it is getting better however. Hopefully it will continue to get better and the measurement for quality of informaiton will improve alongside it. But I believe there will still be people who will be happy to be led like sheep, like Huxley has predicted in so many ways, adn that there will always be a power.

And whilst that exists, there will always be someone clambering for a piece of that power.

Only of educating our children to be better than the world around us can we help this. But still, it only takes one person to think differently for it to all quickly revert back to what it was. Are humans able to exist in equality, in harmony?

And speaking of which, the article also gets many points as a last statement on an argument, it very succesfully invokes Godwin's Law

published 2003.12.02 updated 2017.06.26

The future of Music in the Age of Spiritual Machines

by Ray Kurzweil

I'm actually at a bit of quandry as where to put this link. In likes might be more appropriate. This is a very interesting forward thinking piece on the future of the music industry, and teh resaleable value of intellectual property. Whilst I think that Kurzweil's anticipation of strong AI and nanotechnology are enthusiastic I'd really like to believe in his dates. I think his analogy with the mobile phone industry is great: If you make the barrier to entry so low that its more time consuming to get roudn it than access it then people will use it. The problem with digital media downloads is, well, they are too expensive. And transactions too cumbersome.

Read it.

published 2003.10.30 updated 2017.06.26


Another p2p client?

I've not had a chance to download and test this yet, but it looks interesting. It's a P2P client for the intention of distributing music, but they want it to be used by unsigned artists to increase exposure. Oh, wait, we've heard that before right? However by the looks of it they intend to vet the music uploaded onto the network in some way and control it so that it's not used to distribute copyright controled music. Starting off from where Napster died. Great idea but isn't that just P2P Well, maybe. But I think it will be interesting to see how it develops. Will keep an eye on it, so I'm putting it here to remind myself.

published 2003.10.21 updated 2017.06.26
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