Matthew Shipp, Paul Dunmall, John Edwards, Mark Sanders @ The Vortex 08/09/2011

Shipp, Dunmall, Edwards, Sanders

After the previous night of Matthew Shipp and Evan Parker, which was unexpectedly dissapointing, this evening was incredibly refreshing. Perhaps too much so at time, the intensity with which the quartet pounded forward left them with little time to explore the subtle interactions they could have with each other. Inbetween the frenetics all too brief fragments of duos shone out, illuminating the interactions between each instrumentalist, which were often lost in the rest of drive forward - not that they were not there, just lease easy to discern.

This clip catches the last few minutes of the second set. 

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Trio Cutty Sark - Lunching Laughing Learning

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Trio Cutty Sark - Lunching Laughing Learning

I've not actually been listening to this lately, but when I first came across it in 2004 I was really taken by cut up the narrative through it, the snippets of conversation pasted together, the place, the references.

Today I had a meeting, and I was reminded of it; I believe I may have been in the space the two gents featured in this track were lunching, laughing and learning in.  

I'm not sure if this came out anywhere else, but I came across it in Issue No.1 of Vibro - the Inside Out Issue

LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - No No No

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LA Vampiers & Zola Jesus - No No No

Taken from the self-titled album on Not Not Fun, this isn't the cover of Dawn Penn's classic I once dreamt of doing, but it is very good.


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In Brooklyn After Dark ( live @ Big Jar Books ) - Religious Knives

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In Brooklyn After Dark - Religious Knives

Despite my dissapointment with "The Door", their latest release, I love the energy in this live track by Religious Knives from their Live @ Big Jar Books recording. It's not them at their freakout finest, but it's still got something to it which keeps me playing it again and again and again.

Bad Medicine - Liz Green

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Bad Medicine - Liz Green

Returning to sharing some of my musical favourites, after too long away, the now rather old (in popular music terms), but still rather excellent, Bad Medicine by Liz Green. You can buy the MP3 here , please do!

Children Talking

From the BBC Radio Series

Children Talking

Children Talking

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Children Talking - Side One

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Children Talking - Side Two

In 1961 Harold Williamson travelled the United Kingdom asking children questions about life. The resulting interview were broadcast on Radio 4 and later on Radio 2. A selection of the recordings were also released on Vinyl, which is what we have here.

I find these recoding amazing, they are such a fascinating document of the time. The history books are not full of the voices of children, of what they beleived, and their responses, and the questions and statements made by the interviewer, are a great document of what the world was like, through children's eyes, back then.

I originally brought this record as I thoguth it would make great sample material. I have yet to take advantage of that, but having listened to it again I thought it had to be shared.

Side One:
Where do Babies Come From?
(North Wales)
Who wants to be a Millionaire?
(Children of 'Top People')
(The East End Of London)
School Life
Life in Hospital
The World of Grown-ups
Running the Home

Side Two:
The Royal Family
(Northern Ireland)
God and the Bible
What would you like to be?
Getting into trouble
Christmas Nativity Play

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