Circle Jerks - Junk Mail

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Circle Jerks - Junk Mail

I decided to start an 'mp3 blog'... except I had a problem... I tend to rip my CD's in as AAC so I'm going to have to convert the files from AAC to MP3 for the ease of listening. I sussed that - open m4a into quicktime player pro, export sound to wav, then change wav to mp3 (using -aps, obviously) in lamebrain... Ok it's a bit lossy but it saves me getting off my lazy ass and finding the CD to re-rip from.

So now I have MP3's to upload. Once up I'll leave files for one week before they are removed, leaving nothing but a gaping hole of silence. Listen to 'em while they are hot.

If you like the music please buy it, if you don't please don't save it. Good musicians are worth supporting, and the majority of them aren't living it up with millions of pounds to their names; especially a number of the one's I'll be putting up tracks by. Wherever possible I'll provide links where you can buy a release by the featured artist.

If you are an artist or label who want's a track removed, just ask... sorry for liking your music.

Sometimes I may have something to say on a track, or an anecdotal story, or a little rant... sometimes I won't. I don't promise any amount of factuality or relevance in what I say... like most of the Interweb. What I'm listening to will probably affect what's put up. I might use the space to plug the work of friends and family.

In terms of a musical theme... there is none. You'll see.

So, without further ado, first up is Junk Mail by Circle Jerks. I don't really know much about the Circle Jerks, just stumbled across a couple of tracks on the soundtrack to Repo Man, and so bought Golden Shower of Hits, a Circle Jerks greatest hists compilation... that this is taken from.

Why start with this? Well, 'cos as any regular reader will know I have a lot of problems with mail, especially CDs and records not arriving, and also as a sysadmin I get, and deal with, a lot of spam. This is an ironic salute to a piece of non-junk mail that actually got to me.

published 2005.10.31 updated 2017.06.26
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