Duke Garwood - Sweet Back

Blues to make John Lee Hooker proud.

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Duke Garwood - Sweet Back

Just listen to this track. The sound and the voice really open up a feeling of the blues, the history of it. You wouldn't think it was recorded in Brixton, London in 2004.

I got this 7" from Loog Records after having seen Duke Garwood perform as part of the Little Wet Horse Orchestra earlier this year. I'd gone to see Sir Richard Bishop, and whilst left dry by his performance - he's a great guitarist but it didn't work in a Hoxton basement bar - the support acts.

The next day I tried to buy some work by the artists. It seemed that Little Wet Horse Orchestra had never recorded anything, but searching around led me to Duke Garwood, so I got this 7".

When it turned up I played the A side over and over again all evening.

Duke Garwood has an album out, came out in September apparently, it's called Holy Week. I've not heard it yet, but I'm eagerly anticipating it, and hoping it's as good as this single.

One of the weird things about digitising this 7" was noticing on the back that it was produced by Pete Lazonby. Pete is the brother of Andrew 'Plug' Lazonby, Mr President at Hostess Entertainment Unlimited, who are my partners in Digital Convenience. Pete's first record, 'Sacred Cycles' was a regular in my DJ sets 12 years ago. It's a bit different to this.

The other group that played that night were called aUm sahib. I ordered some releases from Perhaps Transparent but they never arrived, and PT have as yet not responded to any of my emails regarding the order. -10 for customer service. update:.. I emailed them today and apparently my original emails never got to them and they are going to reship. methinks it's the hotmail.com email address.

published 2005.11.02 updated 2017.06.26
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