Sonic Youth - (I Got A) Catholic Block

Often underappreciated (by me)

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Sonic Youth - (I Got A) Catholic Block

You know, it's a funny old thing with Sonic Youth. I can't ever really say I've been a Sonic Youth fan. I had a lot of bits of bobs of Sonic Youth on tape when I was younger, and listened to it enough, but never ran out to buy their latest album or went to see them play live.

Then, over the years, I've accumulated a few of their albums on CD from time to time, as I've thought "God, I'd love to listen to that again". Now I've got about 6 of their albums and note their new release - even their new label - but still don't rush out to buy them. Even though I know I will get round to hearing them, and most likely enjoy them.

(I Got A) Catholic Block, from Sister , which appears is long out of print - despite being excellent; or perhaps, because it is. It was the first Sonic Youth track I heard, on a compilation tape my brother gave me.

published 2005.11.07 updated 2017.06.26
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