Etta James - Mellow Fellow

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Etta James - Mellow Fellow

Etta James is an artist who needs no introduction, especially from me when others can do it so much better.

I first heard today's track, Mellow Fellow, early one morning after a late night out. It woke the souls in the room that were starting to slumber. Dancing ensued.

I thought I'd put it up this morning as I needed a similar kind of waking up.

This track, as far as I can find out, was released in 1964 as a B side to the single "Bobby Is His Name".... I eventually found it on the Chess Club compilation "Chess Club Rhythm & Soul" which is a collection of classics from that label that is worth several listens. I'm not sure if it's available anywhere else on Etta's numerous albums and compilations.

published 2005.11.13 updated 2017.06.26
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