Dorian Fraser-Moore is a Designer & Technologist with 20 years experience as a Designer, Developer and Digital Media Specialist. He has worked with clients across a wide range of industries applying his skills.

Dorian's career as a technologist started at the age of 8 when he was given the responsibility of looking after his primary school's only computer, and loading (educational) games for all of the teachers and classes. He's carried on in a similar role ever since, helping people get the most out of technology without getting caught up in the nitty gritty.

As a web designer Dorian cut his teeth in the early days of the web working on websites such as Levi's and Nature Magazine for web design agency Obsolete, as well as helping start up Backspace, a place where he helped artists come and experiment with 'new media'.

Next Dorian co-founded the web design boutique Kleber Design, notable for their award wining work for Kylie Minogue, Warp Records, The Beatles, Ninja Tune and Creation Records, as well a plethora of more corporate projects including work for BT, The Guardian, The Photographers Gallery, Hewlett Packard and Toyota.

From there Dorian moved to the world of advertising as Technology Manager for BBH in 2000. Here he oversaw creation of digital campaigns for Levi's (again) as well as Audi, Electrolux, NSPCC and Microsoft Xbox. He moved to be part of the small team at Dare Digital helping them gain key accounts such as Sony Ericsson in their formative years. He's also acted as a consultant for Saatchi & Saatchi and TBWA/GGT along the way.

During this period Dorian also co-founded PostEverything, an on-line record store and distributor for left-field and experimental music, which he acted as designer and technical director of from 2000 to 2008.

In 2003 Dorian joined Nick Knight's experimental Art and Fashion website as Chief Technical Officer, a role which he carried out part time until 2009. At he was instrumental in changing their approach toward publishing and making sure that they adapted to changes in the technologies, as well as making sure that their ambitious projects were carried out without a technical glitch.

In parallel, realising he wanted to get back to his experimental roots, Dorian started exploring his working relationships with artists again, and started working more with old friend Julie Myers, and with the creative duo Somewhere on projects and web development, and from there started growing his relationship with a wide range of artists and art organisations as a designer, developer and technical consultant.

In the 2004 publication 'Communicate: Independent British Graphic Design since the Sixties', Nico Macdonald labeled Dorian an 'Industry Veteran'.

In 2009 Dorian decided that his network was strong enough to stand on it's own right, and stepped out of his role at SHOWstudio to run The Useful Arts Organisation full time, and to carry on developing and experimenting with a wide range of challenging projects, working with Grizedale Arts, public works and somewhere on an number of ongoing projects. He extended his project reach further afield working with Afterall, Sheffield University School of Architecture, AAA, The Office of Contemporary Art Norway, The Slade School of Fine Art, London Metropolitan University School of Architecture and Spatial Design, Portland Works, CityCo, Fugitive Images and many more.

In 2010 Dorian was invited to be a Creative Advisor for the creation of a Media Space at the Science Museum, an initiative for the National Media Museum to create an exhibition, performance and reference space where people can come together to learn, create, experience and exchange ideas - a realisation of what he feels is important to societies' continued development.

In 2012 he started working with The Wire magazine as their online developer, fusing once again his love of experimental and leftfield music and it's promotion to the world with his work as a web developer. Following the launch of a completely re-developed website in 2013 he continues to work with them constantly improving their web-presence.

2013 brought a commited involvement in the development on the new Floating Cinema advising commisioners UP Projects and architects Duggan-Morris to make the new boat a working cinema and internet broadcast studio for their ongoing programme of works. Dorian also developed Read Aloud with Ross Phillips, a major component for the launch of the New Media Collection at the National Media Museum. During this year he also re-located from London to West Kilbride, Scotland, with his family. He continues to work remotely with his existing clients and expand his portfolio or work with new clients and collaborators near and far.

In 2014 Dorian was elected treasuer of the Kirktonhall Creative Media Group, a local initiative to take over a historical local building and restore it for use as a media center.

Dorian lives and works in West Kilbride, is married, has a growing son and daughter, a wonderful wife, and two feline dependents. He enjoys exploring spaces, concepts and systems. He is proud to have been labelled a hacker and a geek. He is a fellow of the RSA, a subscriber to The Wire Magazine and practices meditation. He maintains a personal website at

published 2005.10.04 updated 2017.06.26
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