public works

public works

Website design & build with Content Management System.

public works are an art & architecture practise working within and towards public space.

We created this website in collaboration with the team to allow them to move away from an in-house site built using DreamWeaver with Wordpress blogs, to something more dynamic that would allow all of the team members to manage their own projects within a content management system, and provide better interlinking between their works.

This project is part of an ongoing relationship with public works that includes Folkestonomy, Colchester Inn, International Village Shop and DIY Regeneration.



folkestonomy,, 2008.

Interactive Mapping Tool Hardware and Software Development. Styling, Website Design + Build with Content Management System.

Folkstonomy was produced by The Useful Arts working with Public Works to fulfill their comission for The Folkstone Triennial. The Useful Arts designed and developed the hardward and software to allow for a roaming 'mapping station' to travel across Folkstone throughout the Triennial to allow visitors to tell the story of their visit. The resulting data was loaded up to the folkestonomy website and used to produce an overall map of peoples impressions of Folkstone and the Triennial.

Grizedale Arts.

First Phase is Go.

I've been working on this one for a while - my appologies to Grizedale, but it's now live in it's first phase, and will be ramping up soon.

published 2006.12.07 updated 2017.06.26
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