A resting place...

for my thoughts, feelings, ideas and nonsense

I have decided to create a place to store the things i come across. wether it will have any worth is not the point. its a place to leave those things to partially remind me who i am, and maybe let other people know.

this isn't a place to show off. it isn't a resource which should have any 'worth', it's just simply a collection of words, pixels and samples...



Network Infrastructure, Systems Design, Developlment & Administration.

Styling, Website Design + Build with Content Management System.

HostEverything is a service of The Useful Arts set up by Dorian Fraser-Moore to provide hosting services for our work and our friends.




Branding, Website Design & build with Content Management System and Order Processing System. Bespoke Audio ripping, encoding, tagging and uploading system for digital downloads, bespoke order printing and processing system for printed orders. Development of streamlined order processing and publishing systems to minimise overheads.

Dorian Fraser-Moore was a founder and Technical Director of PostEverything.


Julie Myers

Julie Myers

Installation Development. Mapping Tools. Interactive Video Commissions. Workshops. DVDs.

Branding, Website Design + Build with Content Management System.

Dorian Fraser-Moore has been working with Julie Myers since the early days of the web, collaborating on installations and exhibitions working with cutting edge technologies.


Warp Records

Warp Records

Website Architecture + Build with Content Management System and Order Processing System.

As Technical Director of Kleber Design Dorian Fraser-Moore worked with Warp Records to create the first two versions of their website, including the highly regarded version released on 2000, which was active until 2009.

warprecords.com won a Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction: Net Excellence in 2001.

(Dorian Fraser-Moore was Managing & Technical Director of Kleber Design from 1997-2000)


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