Is Music Killing Home Taping? (Detail), 2008

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Is Music Killing Home Taping? (Detail), 2008

This is a recording of a segment from an installation piece I created for Toadball.TV, commissioned by Grizedale Arts for their installation at GSK Contemporary the Royal Academy of Arts in 2008.

The piece is continuous random selection of musical segments played together and overlaid to the full capacity the computer running a piece of software, which creates the random mix of sounds; a soundclash.

The installation piece ran for the duration of the show from 31st October 2008 to the 19th January 2009, and this recording represents 1 hours and 35 minutes of the piece. This is longer than any one person is expected to listen to the piece for, but long enough to demonstrate the development of audio textures and repetitions created by the random overlaying.

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thee mpty wrapper

My Music

So, I'm spending time learning how to compose and produce music/sound sculptures [amongst other things]. I'm doing this under the name of thee mpty wrapper as everybody needs a name to hide behind in the world of music it seems. I'm going to start putting pieces up on the site as soon as I'm happy with them, and let people give me feedback. They aren't very advanced.

Caveat : The music is mostly to my tase, not to others. I believe that music, like most arts [and most of life] is subjective. Of course, that could just be an excuse for my music being exceptionally bad.

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delicate release

a piece of music

a track created by chris mcgrail, dan harrison and i over a hazy summer weekend in 1998.

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