The Infesticons - Hero Theme

    God Bless The Infesticons

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    The Infesticons - Hero Theme

    Another late post, mainly down to the fact that since the last time I copied a file from my iPod Apple have decided to obsfucate the file names on it, so what would have been '01 Hero Theme.m4a' is now DFGS.m4a or some such. For some reason my standard approach ( grep -ir "Hero Theme" /Volumes/dopod/iPod_Control/Music/
    ) didn't throw up the goods. I have another few tricks up my sleeve and will try them later, but in the meantime I waited until I got home and got it off my external drive.

    Anyways, enough moany geekery. Today's track is 'Hero Theme' by The Infesticons AKA The Majesticons, taken from Gun Hill Road. Though it's well worth checking out the Hero Theme EP .... mainly because it made my walk to get lunch much bouncy than it would have been otherwise.

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