Mapping Memory: Web Designer as Information Cartographer

    Having just read I felt inspired to post a link to it after having read the first article in a long time which resonates with how I work, and what I do.

    I have a lot to add to it, but as ever it's not something I can ever seem to easily put into words. It's inspired a lot of memories of why I do what I do, and the parts I'm very interested in. It reminded me of many projects I've worked on over the years, not just the mapping projects but also developing intranets, managing large swathes of dense information, creating extendable publishing structures, managing multi-media information sets and more. And it more reminded me of things I have thought of but have not done and should.

    Though for the meantime its on with today's work, rather than distracting myself from it. Still it is these forms of inspiration that drive us to produce anew, so I shouldn't berate myself too much.

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