So long facebook...

    It appears my Facebook account has been disabled. I am now persona non grata in their books. Not sure what I did - perhaps what I didn't do as I hardly use it. The last thing I did was to change my relationship status to 'engaged'... perhaps their misuse robot got jealous or something!?!

    If you are inclined to send me stuff via Facebook, I won't get it. I'm not ignorning you, I'm just locked out. A man wrongly accused of a crime given no chance to defend his innocence. Innocent until proven guilty, not so in the digital world, where each application owner is a law unto themselve - something I am generally not opposed to, rather self regulation than governmental regulation.

    I've sent a mail to them in hope of an explaination, but I'm not going to be putting much energy into persuing it, as by their actions they've just reassured me of what is wrong with monopolistic, closed, networks and why I should continue to live life on the edge. Hurrah!

    It appears James has also been banned at the same time. I wonder if we both did something equally bad...

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