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    I've done a quick update to this site, to bring the CMS in line with the codebase used on SHOWstudio, somewhere, Digital Convenience and that I'm in the process of porting PostEverything to to give it a new skin and set of features.

    The main advantages to this site is that I can more easily use features I've created for other projects, and I can take advantage of all that when playing around with new interfaces I want to try.

    published 2005.10.23 updated 2017.06.26

    Elsewhere In Between

    Mixing Narrative

    Elsewhere In Between is a project developed by Julie Myers which I helped her in the latter stages of, building a primitive video sequencer in Flash that uses a database of video clips to allow the user to make their own journey through the eyes of five film-makers in five countries.

    The composer was originally developed by Julie in conjunction with BT's R&D facility with the intention of making an interactive DVD. At a late stage in the project it became apparent that a DVD would not be able to do what was desired.

    This interface was built over 4 days to be given out on DVD to delegates to a conference organised by FACT, and used in a kiosk installations as well. Because it was built in Flash it was relatively trivial to create lower bandwidth video clips that could be played over the internet.

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