Chris Corsano

    Free-Jazz Drumming.

    Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 1)

    Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 2)

    Chris Corsano playing with Barr (Video 3)

    Some video clips of Chris Corsano playing with Barr at the Luminaire in Kilburn last night. Corsano's drumming was hypnotic, first time I'd seen him live, but he must be seen again. Preferably without Barr, who rather spoiled it for me - Corsano seemed a bit trapped with the click-track and song format, though still managed to excel in that space.

    Notable mentions to Temperatures and Birds Of Delay for great support slots. Magik Markers didn't really do it for me either. Thanks to Upset The Rhythm! for another excellent line-up.

    Colour Sound Records.

    psychedelic, noise, free-jazz, and improv freak-out jams.

    Colour Sound Records, a CD-R Label from New Jersey, approached as at PostEverything about the possibility of distributing them in the UK, so I've been listening to some of their recordings to get an idea of what they are like.

    There is some really badly recorded (and tagged) stuff in there, but a couple of gems as well. My advize is get Firefox, install DownLoadThemAll! and snarf the lot, then decide what you like. If you like this kind of stuff at all, that is.

    More Corsano.

    Fear of Jazz? More like fear of becoming a stalker....

    Chris Corsano at Fear Of Jazz 2007/01/24 # 1

    Chris Corsano at Fear Of Jazz 2007/01/24 # 2

    Chris Corsano at Fear Of Jazz 2007/01/24 # 3

    Last night I saw Chris Corsano perform once again, at The Pool bar in Shoreditch, at the 'Fear Of Jazz' night. Once again he was amazing. Each time I see him he seems to have developed a little bit more in his style and what he's playing. His ability to generate a rhythm and then make it flow and develop in ever more complex ways, bouncing off the drums and modifying them to make the subtlest changes in sound, evolving it and driving it on. See for yourself in the clips below.

    He's not always on top form, and if you were unfortunate enough to attend the previous nights performance when he played with Noah Howard, Evan Parker and John Edwards can attest to. I held such high hopes for this, having seen Corsano and Edwards do a blinding performance at the LMC Festival in December, it was horrible to see the restraint from Corsano as every time he and Edwards broke out they were interrupted by Howard bringing it back to New Orleans. I'd really liked to have seen if Parker, Howard and Corsano were left to their own devices that night.

    I might start to get perceived as a Corsano stalker at this rate, as I've now seen him perform 9 or 10 times in the last year. Next time is The Flower-Corsano Duo next month. But hey, when you get the chance to see an amazing performer do loads of events in your neighbourhood (well, London) you have to, in the words of Noah Howard: 'support your local geniuses!'

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