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    A thought for searching the directory

    This is an email I just sent to directory-feedback(at) about narrowing search fields. I thought it may work out helpful when searching for specific items.


    This is sort of a question, but also perhaps a suggestion : if possible.

    I know it's possible to use the search function to find information stored in the google directory, but is it possible to do a search across a specific section. Not just headers, but across any indexed pages on the site?

    For example, say I go to the directory

    Shopping > Music > Instruments
    And search for
    second hand uk tape delay

    Could it then do a full site search of all indexed pages related to entries in the index. I know this may be of limited use for shopping, but I can think of other areas where the directory structure would provide initial qualification for a search across a data subset.

    Of course, it may do this already, but the way results are returned implies that it only searches the directory entry, possibly the index page pointed to by the link, but no further into that site.

    I see a potential difficulty in knowing how to limit the pages returned from a site, as a site can be contained over a number of servers, but perhaps limiting the search to the specific domain and any directories below where the index page is would be a reasonable start.

    If this isn't a feature I hope it's a worthy suggestion for your excellent service.

    Kind regards



    A sub 10k interface in Flash 6

    This is the first part of an occasional series I've started on. It's a series of interfaces created using different metaphors and different environments. I like my site design. It's simple, clean, and minimal. Instead of re-designing it and getting rid of the old one I'm just going to keep adding interfaces.


    When I first built my site I wondered how to organise the information on it. Time was the most obvious choice, then allowing people to filter that content. Over time I've added new content areas, and upgraded the navigation minimally, but in essence it has remained the same.

    I wanted to apply the same degree of minimalism to a design created within Flash. This idea came around through thnking about weblogs and time. I saw my site growing over time, and each item adding to what was already there. The circles that mark the history of time of a tree seemed a metaphor not to be missed, and remembering a film I saw as a child, the idea was born.

    It is by no means perfect in it's function and usability. But it's not supposed to be. It just is.

    RSS Feed

    Does this mean I've got a blog?

    Yesterday I was asked by Ned at idsland if I had an RSS feed for my site. He was kind enough to point me to FeedCreater.class.php which meant I could easily make them from this little critter.... so it is done.


    [EDIT - Have removed category specific feeds, as no one was using them]
    [EDIT - Have removed the ATOM feed as it wasn't working (feedcreator is dead and no longer being devleoped it looks like) and I don't have time to fix]


    Yes, I've fallen for the desire to enter in my own taxonomy for everything I post, adding to the overall noise of the internet. So you can now have a look at my tag-cloud to work out what I'm posting about, from my point of view.


    Why, you may ask, are you doing this on such a small site, with such sporadic content? Well it's for some other sites I'm working on and I want to do some testing before it goes live. You'll notice I've actually been tagging my posts for a while (though the tags are now only showing), now I'm testing the interface, and seeing if Technorati picks them up.

    Maybe on day I'll get a chance to do some nicer interfaces to it as well.


    After 10 years of my website I wanted to get a better idea of how I had been using and posting, and changing this site. so I have plotted all of my posts on a timeline to get a bettter understanding of it. it is a bit slow to render, and it will get slower, but I like it as a relative view of myself over time.

    Next task is to make my CMS work better with the iPhone.

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