Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

    Love at first note...

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    Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

    I can't help feeling my spirits life every time I head the begining of this track. The pace, warmth and depth of the Double Bass just make me know I'm going to spend the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds in rapture.

    This one goes out to my friend and musical mentor of 15 years, Mr H., who's birthday it is today, and who first played me this track.

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    Colour Sound Records.

    psychedelic, noise, free-jazz, and improv freak-out jams.

    Colour Sound Records, a CD-R Label from New Jersey, approached as at PostEverything about the possibility of distributing them in the UK, so I've been listening to some of their recordings to get an idea of what they are like.

    There is some really badly recorded (and tagged) stuff in there, but a couple of gems as well. My advize is get Firefox, install DownLoadThemAll! and snarf the lot, then decide what you like. If you like this kind of stuff at all, that is.

    Susanna And The Magical Orchestra.

    Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

    Live at Cargo

    Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

    Love Will Tear Us Apart


    Live at Cargo


    Live at Cargo

    Susanna was the highlight of last nights Rune Grammofon showcase at Cargo, having the audience totally wrapped around her finger, the room filled with anticipation from the audience with her every utterance. The video clips below don't do her justice.

    She was followed by In The Country who were disappointing. Whilst there was the chance of them really working, especially given Morten Qvenild's performance with Susanna (he's the Magical Orchestra) they simply failed to gel and really 'do it'. The music seemed a bit too tired and predictable, save for odd moments where it came together.

    Last up were Supersilent who I had great hopes for, and did at points really live up to them. There performance rose into some really amazing crescendos, some real tightness and the improvisation going on was strong, but at times it felt flat in between.

    Overall an excellent night, only faulted by the incredible noise the bar staff managed to make over the intimate performance of susanna. Cargo really isn't a venue I rated highly, and each time it seems a little bit worse.

    And (a small Plug) you can buy all these artists releases via PostEverything's Rune Grammofon page

    Alice Coltrane: August 27, 1937 - January 12, 2007

    Rest In Peace.

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    Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

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    Alice Coltrane with John Coltrane - Lord, Help Me To Be

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    Alice Coltrane - Lord of Lords

    Alice Coltrane, astral jazz composer, dies at 69
    Alice Coltrane, the jazz performer, composer and widow of saxophonist John Coltrane, has died at 69 of respiratory failure. For nearly 40 years Coltrane had been the keeper of her husband's musical legacy following his death from liver disease in 1967. A pianist and organist, Alice Coltrane was noted for her astral compositions and for bringing the harp on to the jazz bandstand. She died in hospital in California on Friday. Her albums included Ptah the El Daoud and A Monastic Trio. She played her last gigs in the autumn with her son, Ravi.Associated Press in Los Angeles

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    is killing music.

    A random walk through my (digital) music collection.

    is killing music - for mp3 players

    is killing music - for quicktime

    Is killing music is currently on holiday

    After a long time I've finally got the equipment set up to run an internet radio station from home. It's a simple premise: 230Gb of digital audio, iTunes, NiceCast, and Darwin Streaming Server.

    You can see what's been being played by visiting 'Is Killing Music' on Below is what's just been played according to (it can be a bit flakey...)

    At the moment it's mostly random, though I do put on what I want to listen to whilst working. I may plug my record decks in and mix some stuff up occasionally. You'll find all sorts of stuff being played. I take requests.

    You can see what else I've been listening to at my page. More likely this will show tracks played from my iPod when I'm not at home.

    The name is a reference to the 'Home Taping Is Killing Music' campaign of the 80s... an idea from record labels that copying music and letting other people hear it stops them from buying music. A hypothesis I don't hold to. A lost of the music played on 'is killing music' you won't hear in the mass media and so doesn't get any attention drawn to it for new listeners. That domination by those with the money to pay for presence, is really what's killing music - killing it's creativity and development. 'Is killing music' is a look at the alternative (and sometimes not so alternative)

    You can access it below via either an m3u file that should load into most desktop mp3 players, like iTunes, or via a QuickTime stream. You can download and save either of these by right clicking (ctrl+click on a single button Mac) and choosing 'save target' or 'download file' or whatever version your browser of choice chooses to use.

    Given there are so many internet radio stations out there, why bother It means I can more easily listen to my music when I'm not at home. I've not found many stations which cover this range of music (though I'm sure many people thinks that - maybe it's just an ego trip?). It is also a a refresher for Creative Egremont that Karen asked me to do. I've done this for SHOWstudio a few times but wanted to test it was all set-up and working before they stream Egremont's community radio through it. Oh, and also, because I can.


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