A bit more than an on-line shop Goes live

    At last, the first part of the long awaited [by who, we ask ourselves] goes alive. Yes, it's a .com, but with a difference... it's bringing together some excellent music and making it available over the web cheaper than anywhere else, but increasing the money which goes back to the labels and, more importantly, the artists who produce the music.

    How do we do this, you ask. Well, if we told you.... you'd never believe us. So check it out.

    Circle Jerks - Junk Mail

    An introduction to a new series

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    Circle Jerks - Junk Mail

    I decided to start an 'mp3 blog'... except I had a problem... I tend to rip my CD's in as AAC so I'm going to have to convert the files from AAC to MP3 for the ease of listening. I sussed that - open m4a into quicktime player pro, export sound to wav, then change wav to mp3 (using -aps, obviously) in lamebrain... Ok it's a bit lossy but it saves me getting off my lazy ass and finding the CD to re-rip from.

    So now I have MP3's to upload. Once up I'll leave files for one week before they are removed, leaving nothing but a gaping hole of silence. Listen to 'em while they are hot.

    If you like the music please buy it, if you don't please don't save it. Good musicians are worth supporting, and the majority of them aren't living it up with millions of pounds to their names; especially a number of the one's I'll be putting up tracks by. Wherever possible I'll provide links where you can buy a release by the featured artist.

    If you are an artist or label who want's a track removed, just ask... sorry for liking your music.

    Sometimes I may have something to say on a track, or an anecdotal story, or a little rant... sometimes I won't. I don't promise any amount of factuality or relevance in what I say... like most of the Interweb. What I'm listening to will probably affect what's put up. I might use the space to plug the work of friends and family.

    In terms of a musical theme... there is none. You'll see.

    So, without further ado, first up is Junk Mail by Circle Jerks. I don't really know much about the Circle Jerks, just stumbled across a couple of tracks on the soundtrack to Repo Man, and so bought Golden Shower of Hits, a Circle Jerks greatest hists compilation... that this is taken from.

    Why start with this? Well, 'cos as any regular reader will know I have a lot of problems with mail, especially CDs and records not arriving, and also as a sysadmin I get, and deal with, a lot of spam. This is an ironic salute to a piece of non-junk mail that actually got to me.

    published 2005.10.31 updated 2017.06.26

    Pest - Ogres

    So hi-tech you can download beef.

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    Pest - Ogres

    This is a release from the lovely people at Ninja Tune. Taken from Pest's second album All Out Fall Out

    It ticks a lot of boxes in a genre I'd become quite bored of due the rise of too much gangsta rap and r&b which seems to be going nowhere...

    This one's got clever lyrics well delivered, good beats, use of a phat Drum & Bass style bass line and nice orchestral samples making it distinctive - whilst still using those distinctive post processed , and a bunch of film samples dropped in the break for good measure. It's format is actually quite cliche, but it's put to gether so well.

    Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

    Love at first note...

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    Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

    I can't help feeling my spirits life every time I head the begining of this track. The pace, warmth and depth of the Double Bass just make me know I'm going to spend the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds in rapture.

    This one goes out to my friend and musical mentor of 15 years, Mr H., who's birthday it is today, and who first played me this track.

    published 2005.11.03 updated 2017.06.26

    Afrirampo - Love You

    Japanese Mutant Rock

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    Afrirampo - Love You

    Afrirampo are Oni on vocals and guitar and Pikacyu on vocals and drums. The hail from the same scene in Osaka that brought us The Acid Mothers Temple Collective and Boredoms. This track is from a re-issue of
    their first release on the Acid Mothers Temple label.

    The girls play their instruments with almost animalistic tendencies, pure power and passion coming from them into their instruments and out into their songs. There also is a slight feeling of Japanese humour in it, deep down, but maybe it's only me that get's that.

    The recently release another fantastic album, Korega Mayaku Da on the wonderful Tzadik label.

    published 2005.11.04 updated 2017.06.26

    Saint Etienne - Relocate

    Pop sensibly

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    Saint Etienne - Relocate

    It must be about 15 years since I first heard Saint Etienne's Only Love Can Break Your Heart and felt it was one of lifes lyrical truisms. Later records such as Nothing Can Stop Us Now also reflected on that feeling of 'this is my life right now'. I forgot about them in about 1993 as Foxbase Alpha vanished from my collection.

    Then five years later I was working on Creation Record's website and I ended up in posession of a large amount of their back catalogue and started listening to it again. It felt more like background music then, music that didn't cause offence but also felt good. The records got filed into my collection and left for a while.

    Then Angie started playing them. I remember the songs, but not really the lyrics. When I noticed they were going to play at the Barbican's Only Connect series this year I thought I'd buy tickets for Angie and I to go along. I was interested more in the Film they were presenting, about London's Lea Valley, and new Angie would enjoy the music.

    The week before I though "I wonder what they've been doing lately", so bought their latest album Tales From Turnpike House and gave it a few listens. What struck me most wasn't the music, which is as pleasant and un-intrusive as always, but the lyrics. Or rather the lyrical content. It seems that Saint Etienne has grown up with me.

    The concert was, as you'd imagine, full of 30 something Guardian readers. I was one of them. Their film, "What did you do today Mervyn Day?" was great. It was interesting, beautiful, emotional and inspiring. It was story and documentary. See it if you get a chance.

    Which is what this song is.

    published 2005.11.05 updated 2017.06.26

    The Infesticons - Hero Theme

    God Bless The Infesticons

    3.10 MB – mp3 - deleted

    The Infesticons - Hero Theme

    Another late post, mainly down to the fact that since the last time I copied a file from my iPod Apple have decided to obsfucate the file names on it, so what would have been '01 Hero Theme.m4a' is now DFGS.m4a or some such. For some reason my standard approach ( grep -ir "Hero Theme" /Volumes/dopod/iPod_Control/Music/
    ) didn't throw up the goods. I have another few tricks up my sleeve and will try them later, but in the meantime I waited until I got home and got it off my external drive.

    Anyways, enough moany geekery. Today's track is 'Hero Theme' by The Infesticons AKA The Majesticons, taken from Gun Hill Road. Though it's well worth checking out the Hero Theme EP .... mainly because it made my walk to get lunch much bouncy than it would have been otherwise.

    The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

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    The Slits - I Heard IT Through The Grapevine

    Taken from the Slits often overlooked 'Cut' this cover version is one of those songs that I first heard and went 'where have you been all my life?'. The Slits fusion of punk and reggae asthetics with Ari Up's amazing vocal gymnastics really bring this song to life in a way the original could never imagine.

    I was originally turned onto this by Tony Morley one night at the Autechre curated All Tomorrows Parties a few years ago.

    Chris Watson - Ol-Olool-O

    Music to my ears

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    Chris Watson - Ol-Olool-O

    Chris Watson is probably best known for his contribution to music as a member of electro pioneers Cabaret Voltaire. Whilst the Cabs rate highly in my musical collection today's track 'Ol-Olool-O' by Chris isn't music as most would expect it. It's a collage of sounds made by him from recording made during his work as a sound recordist on natural history programs. The depth in the sounds he uses is amazing. The sounds of thunder and rain beautiful and emotive. It makes you listen to the world around you in a different way

    This track is taken from his album Weather Report on Touch Records. Also worth checkin out is Outside The Circle of Fire which contains a selection of his isolated wildlife recordings. Listening to Tiger's purring, or Owl's marking their boundaries, is a wonderful experience. Especially wandering around London with your iPod on.

    Swen's Blog

    Artists mentioned in The Wire

    As The Wire is the only tree based music magazine I read on a regular basis I thought a link to Swen's unofficial blog about artists mentioned in The Wire was well worth a link.

    Shame about the overload of adverts on it.

    published 2005.11.14 updated 2017.06.26

    Plaid - Shackbu

    A dancefloor favourite

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    Plaid - Shackbu

    Anyone who has heard me DJ my hip-hop/electronica set in the last 6 years - not that I do that very often anymore - should recognise this. It's one of my favourite crossover tracks.

    Plaid are one of my favourite artists in the Warp Records family. They've never had the critical acclaim or attention of Boards of Canada, which is a shame, as they deserve to be seen as equals, if not as the influencing elder brothers.

    Shackbu is taken from their second album, Rest Proof Clockwork, released in 1999.

    Brian Eno & Davide Byrne - America Is Waiting

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    Brian Eno & David Byrne - America Is Waiting

    'America Is Waiting' is taking from the seminal album 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' which was produced in 1979/1980 by composer Brian Eno and David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame). To me this record always sounds fresh and interesting - despite some dated sounding synthisizers on it. It's testament to the compositional skills of the two players, and the skills of the musicians the employed to work on it.

    Jason Forrest - My 36 Favourite Punk Songs


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    Jason Forrest - My 36 Favourite Punk Songs

    Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer manages to answer that age old question 'How can I fit as many musical references as possible into one track?'. In the wise words of Pop Will Eat Itself 'Sample it, loop it, fuck it, eat it & spit it out'.

    Forrest's hyperactive mind takes 36 tracks and condenses down into one 2 minute sonic assault. Part of the fun of this track is working out where the samples are from, part of it is just freaking out to it. Give a muso this album for Christmas and they can make 'spot the sample' their after lunch game. And it will get granny's blood pumping.

    It's taken from his album 'Shamelessly Exciting' released on the Sonig label. The albums very very varied in style, but all using the same premise. It's a lot of fun.

    Fugazi - Waiting Room/Suggestion

    Making up for lost time

    2.80 MB – mp3 - deleted

    Fugazi - Waiting Room

    4.56 MB – mp3 - deleted

    Fugazi - Suggestion

    Only a few weeks in and already I've managed to post hardly anything this week - and been berated for it. sorry. It's been a bit busy this week. This is a quick post before heading out to see The Hospitals and co.

    I'm also giving you two tracks. My original choice was 'Suggestion', but 'Waiting Room' is to thank you for your patience. They are taken from Fugazi's eponymous first EP which has to be one of the most consistently listened to records I have in my collection since I first bought it in 1988.

    The tracks are are also available on the CD '13 songs' which is the 'Fugazi' EP and their second EP, 'Margin Walker' - which has to be one of the most consistently listened to records I have in my collection - on one CD.

    Sweet Tee - I Got Da Feelin'

    Yes yes y'all

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    Sweet Tee - I Got Da Feelin'

    A bit of old school hip hop from Sweet Tee today. I've got two copies of "I got Da Feelin'" on vinyl, which are from different labels, so I'm not quite sure when it came out. Sometime around '87. The vinyl has been mashed up quite a bit in attempt to beat juggle with it.

    Fortunately for you this version is taken from a CD compilation, 'King of The Beats', which is well worth getting if you need a hip-hop filler for your collection, and don't want to go crate digging for vinyl. Though it looks like you might have to go diggin' for the CD. Mind you, this is such a classic I'm sure it probably turns up on every second 80's hip-hop compilation.

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