OK, so I'm slightly biased.

    Angie, having finished her BSC with a first, has just stared practising at Yoga Place in Bethnal Green (London)

    Over the 3 years she has been studying the insights that she's given me have helped provide some balance to my life, whether it's looking at my diet or enjoying an Ayurvedic treatment, such as a relaxing massage.

    You can be certain that I'll make sure that, however new-age this may sound, I'll stop Angie from becoming a head wobbling hippie with no insight into what life is really like.

    There is more information about Ayurveda , and a contact page, on Angie's site, which I'll obviously be expanding for her over time. She's just doing some initial ayurvedic consultations at the moment, as well as treatements, but she's getting very busy. So if you fancy trying it out... Book in


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