where i [used to] work

    the company i dedicated most of my life to for 3 years.

    Update I no longer work at Kleber, or am involved in it. But they are still bloody good people!

    Kleber n. German. Glue, gluten, adhesive.

    Chris McGrail and Dorian Moore first worked together at the legendary web design collective Obsolete. As that company slowly unravelled during 1996, McGrail and Moore stuck together, working on designs for a varied roster of individual musicians and small record companies. Sharing an in-depth knowledge of the technical side of the web and a clearly defined sense of the aesthetic imperatives of new media, they set up on their own in early 1997.

    Kleber has always been about finding the most innovative and creative ways of dealing with their clients' needs. It has expanded quickly in terms of staff-numbers, but remains dedicated to personal contact and working with, rather than for, clients. It�s important that everyone connected with each project is happy with the final result. Putting the client first, and developing close hands-on relationships and a detailed understanding of needs, means that Kleber can produce the best possible work, whether the client is a small independent record label or a major international artist.

    Kleber remains a company that's highly flexible and instinctively creative. It�s grown to be more than simply a web company, acting now as a provider of complete design solutions in both practical and conceptual terms. Recent work has ranged from album sleeves to on-line shopping systems; from screen savers to CD-ROM based games, with some video production thrown in for good measure. And McGrail and Moore still find time to create music and DJ in their spare time!

    In the past Kleber have worked on projects with advertising companies such as BBH and Saatchi & Saatchi to produce campaigns for Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Columbia Tristar, The Financial Times, Money Extra, Lotus, Capital FM and many more. However times change and the need to use advertising work to pay the bills have been forgotten, with Kleber deciding to dedicate themselves to their clients in the music industry as they have grown to realise the impact of the internet.

    Currently Kleber are working with Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Post Everything, Creation Records, Sony Music [Epic, Higher Ground, Disco Volante, S2], Pressure Sounds, Echo Records, WEA, Hydrogen Dukebox, The Undertones, Kylie Minogue [Polydor], The Creatures and The Designers Republic.

    published 2000.04.20 updated 2014.11.03
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