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find a decent midi file

No, really.

I just got a new phone and it came with a horribly small and annoying range of ring tones. I checked out the orange wapsite for new sounds, but £2.50 a pop for bad midi files was a joke.

So I started searching the web. I've not laughed as much in years. Currently I've got an interpretation of "Waiting Room" by Fugazi as the ring tone, but there are sooo many to choose from I'm going to have to keep changing them.

Maybe that's because these new polyphonic ring tones are just so fucking annoying. I thought that the old classic as used on Trigger Happy TV tones were bad, but these have the potential to annoy so much more.

I think Eric Satie may be in order. Music that you aren't supposed to listen to may be the ultimate solution in this instance. Thought 'Fanfare for the Common Man' by copland also has a certain sense or irony don't ya think?

I guess whatever it's going to sound really cheesy. hmmph. I wonder how long until they have .mod players in phones?

published 2003.06.29 updated 2017.06.26
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