how to make a website

in 9 easy steps

lloyd's sister wanted to know how to make a website. I was feeling like an cynic...

1) Acquire multimedia content

2) Develop into a format and structure which allows it to be easily
maintained, content to be catagorized in a generic way, and easily navigated.

3) Design the graphical look and feel of the site [being sure to take
into account the required graphical impact]

4) Develop appropriate systems to allow the design to integrate with the
managed content, using tools such as PHP, PERL, CGI, RDBMS.

5) Cut into small bits then sitick it all back together with HTML

6) Leave unattended after the intial work has proven too much effort and
cost, and focus your attentions elsewhere.

7) Pretend that the site is being updated regularly, or providing an
exclusive service

8) Float company on stock exchange for large amount of money.

9) Retire

lloyd wrote:
> My Sister aged 11
> >Hi Lloyd
> >It's me RACHEL.
> >I would like to know how to make a web site.
> >Please tell me quickly!!!
> >big kiss Rachelxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

published 2000.04.20 updated 2017.06.26
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