How not to make money on-line

E-commerce and it's failings.

Why is it that companies such as Dabs and MicroWarehouse can't produce websites which work. They mostly work, but if you step away from the main platform [Internet Explorer in windows] and try to use a browser remotely alternative [in this case Safari on Mac OS X.3] they fall appart. It's not the browsers fault. It's badly coded webpages.

I don't understand this. There is no reason for pages to be badly coded. It's perfectly simple to make a secure shoping system without relying on special browser features. And it's pretty damn easy to add all the javascript bells and whistles without it falling over. These companies should take a look at amazon to see how to do it. In the mean time I've got £1000 to spend on a monitor and two websites that can't take my order properly because of badly coded HTML. I bet I'm not the only one that's got frustrated with these overly complex systems.

I'm tempted to give the money to Micro Anvika, even though it will cost £100 more, as I reckon their site will work. They are retailers who understand customer service. I'm not happy supporting companies like the two above who really don't take the on-line customer experience seriously. Vote with your credit card this christmas. If there are problems with an on-line transaction, take it elsewhere. To a retailer who knows what they are doing.

You should also avoid companies who have the kind of security issues that Argos and B&Q have suffered from of late. Don't deal with these companies whose names make them think they don't have to worry about their customers, or customers rights. They are the fools.

E-Commerce, Security and website construction that work can be done well and cheaply. Companies have been fooled by vendors snake oil and they need to smarten up.

update In the end I opted for Computer Warehouse. Their sales system was simple and worked for me, there product was the same price as MacWarehouse and Dabs, and they also included free shipping. Way to go CW. Let's hope your after sales service is as good :-)

published 2003.11.24 updated 2017.06.26
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