A new year, and published stupidity already.

1 cent per mail message, you gotta be joking...

I\'ve just read this article about charging 1 cent per email and, well, I\'m shocked.

Great, let\'s charge 1 cent per email. That wouldn\'t be much for general use. For one the article is American centric, there are a couple of users outide of the USA in case you hadn\'t noticed. And if SPAM stops originating in the US it will originate elsewhere.

It would also kill all of the email lists that are run not for profit. Take one list I\'m on, the IDM list at hyperreal.org... This list probably has well over 1000 subscribers. And it has a throughput of between 20 and 100 messages a day. On a quiet day that would mean it send 20,000 emails. That\'s 200 dollars.

Another idiot thinking solely about the commerical implications of the internet and not looking at ho wit improves society. Cheaper to buy a decent piece of spam filtering software [like SpamSieve which works wonders for me] than to pay for those messages.

I\'m so glad that there is space for me to respond to this type of stupidity. I hope somebody slashdots that article and the author gets the flaming he deserves.

published 2004.01.05 updated 2017.06.26
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