For once, the Royal Mail help...

... unfortunately the Inland Revenue still suck

So, the Inland Revenue managed to 'loose' my 2001-2002 tax return. The year before last. So I redo it in April 2003 and send it to them and hear nothing, no being top of my agenda I forget about it, time passes and I get on with my year. In december I get a letter demanding it... call them up, no record of delivery.

So I send two tax returns this year, one for 2001-2002, one for 2002-2003. I send one to my tax office [the 2002-2003 one] and within a fortnight get a receipt for the cheque I send them. Well, at least that is this years sorted.

This morning I get a call from the other office, the once where I sent my 2001-2002 return : they say the haven't got it.

Fotunately I sent it Special Delivery. I check out the Royal Mail site and they tell me it's been delivered.

If I find out they have lost it internally, and that is potetially what happened with April 2003's copy, and the one I sent originally in January 2003, I am going to be furious. The inland revenue are all too happy to charge huge amounts of interest on non-payment, but would they refund me for my wasted time, energy, paper and postage? I doubt it very much. They probably won't even let me off with the interest. Argh.

published 2004.02.11 updated 2017.06.26
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