I am not a robot

I had a rather strange exchange with a random stranger via iChat earlier, and it seems I did not pass the turing test. They didn't either...

The other party will remain anonymous, though please comment/contact if you have the same thing, I'm intrigued. I'm particularly pleased to know that in the future only robots will use proper punctuation.

Transcript (they are in bold):

Hello. Who are you?
you just imed me
¡ ɐɯɐqo ʞɔɐɹɐq"

Not that I know of! Very strange! I don't know your AIM id or who you are. Sorry.
u are a roboT?
No! I'm not a robot. I'm Dorian.
your a robot
your speaking only with proper punctuation
http://www.dorianmoore.com/ .... that's me,
sorry if I seem like a robot!
perhaps you are a robot??
w_H_a_T Y_o_u A_R_E A L_I_A_R
you can check the aim id on http://www.dorianmoore.com/contact .... it should match the one you have in your chat program.
But hey ho.

published 2008.11.25 updated 2017.06.26
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