Its occured to me that the internet has born a new level of assumptiveness. Not in everyone, but a large degree of the developers, or users, of the internet percieve everything is like for them as everyone else. Why not email out everyone a Quark Document, even though probably 10% of your recipients have Quark, on a Macintosh...

Or why not just assume that everyone wants to come to a website to see someones shameless masturbation that is an interleaving animation. Nice first time, but maybe I want to come back to the site again.

Or assume that a BGCOLOR tag isn't needed because white is everyone's default background colour.

Form vs Fashion. People need to think in balance. There is no right answer, no definite, just a set of guidelines.

This world wide web is a resource, as well as a playground. If you effectively want to show people information, then you have to put yourself in multiple mindsets.

Don't assume that just because of your own percetption, everyone elses is the same. Play devils advocate with yourself, with what you do.

Single mindedness, thinking that you are always right, that's what causes wars.

published 2000.07.19 updated 2017.06.26
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