the iPod myth

Why is it that iPod users are all theives?

I own an iPod.

I'm also a director of PostEverything that makes it's money from selling CD's.

Now, there is a common myth that exists in the Music Business, and the computer industry, that because I own an iPod I steal music. I see a lot of people say this, every day. Well I'd like to break some news to you. I don't. It would go against what I believe.

I buy CD's. I rip them onto my Mac, and I copy the MP3 files to my iPod. I then put the CD's on my shelves. I've got about 500 CDs. More than will fit on my 20Gb iPod.

This isn't to say I never download music. Yes, I download tracks from time to time. Mostly to check stuff out, which I then go and buy, or stuff that you simply can't go and buy. And despite the record labels objections there is a lot of music in this category... the thing is I could try and buy records second hand, but then the artists/labels still don't benefit from it anyway. Just whoever is selling it on ebay.

Another myth : only Apple can sell content for the iPod. No, I can buy MP3s from Bleep and they work fine on my iPod. I can also produce AAC files from CDS which are smaller and higher quality than MP3 files and put them on my iPod. all with free tools.

The problem that other suppliers have is that they can't use apple's DRM [Digital Rights Management] software to control how those music files are used. Apple have acknowledged that they only included DRM - and light, breakable DRM at that - to be able to get the labels on board.

I hope that's helped dispell a couple of myths about the iPod. As always it's the computer industry big wigs spreading fud to hurt another player. Kinda like gangsta rap...

published 2004.10.05 updated 2014.11.03
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