That was close

Back safely from Thailand

For all of those who haven't asked we are safely back from Thailand and weren't in the area affected by the Tsunami. We felt the earthquake in Bangkok where we were on Boxing Day morning as we were about to head north to Chang Mai. As news filtered through to us, mostly via SMS, we realised how fortunate we were as we had planned to visit the Andamon sea a few days later.

Rather than panicing and returning immediately we changed our destinations around and headed to Koh Samui (instead of Krabi) for New Year. Those not directly affected in Thailand had to carry on with their lives, heavily supported by tourism. And not clogging up airports so that they could be used by those who needed them seemed the right thing to do, even if it felt a bit weird.

My thoughts are still with the family and friends of all those who were not as fortunate as Angie and I.

published 2005.01.08 updated 2014.11.03
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