Nice Question

Mai Pham asks: I was just wondering what are some of the things you do as a digital media technologist?

My response, which is trying to be concise but also explain the breadth of things I do:

Digital Media Technologist literally means that I am a technical specialist in digital media. I do many things, but mostly the are orientated around digital media:

* I design & build Web sites.

* I design & program Content Management Systems, Media Management Systems, Media Delivery Systems and E-commerce systems.

* I understand, use, manage, and sometimes develop digital media, in it's many forms: text, images, video, sound and at it's lowest level data.

* I move digital media around and understand how it is published in many places, from the Web to Radio and Television, to Mobile Phones, CD and DVD, and how it is used, consumed and remixed by people.

* I advise people on the best use of technology in the creative industries, primarily Music, Art and Fashion, as well as other places.

* I try to explain digital media and technology in a way that isn't scary to people who already work in one of those mediums.

* I train and tutor people.

* I have an active part in the development of various company strategies at a technical, and business, level.

published 2005.02.26 updated 2014.11.03
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