Week N

Upgrading my office server

Upgrading my office server

(following suit with some people who have more to say than me, to try and kick start myself updating this site, and doing some writing. I'm starting at Week N as I've been in some ways freelancing for a long time, and I'm keeping this more personal rather than portfolio based)

This week starting out a failed web server by replacing the power supply, whilst supposedly having two days off, having to drive out to BlueSquare in maidenhead twice was a bit time consuming.

Worked further on a new website for Rossi & Rossi, and on the Lawson Park Electronic Library site.

Met with Nina Pope (Somewhere) and discussed some issues with the What Will The Harvest Be? website, including how we might handle next years planting, archiving this years, and create more interaction with the plants database. We also discussed the updates I've just done to the somewhere website and improvements to the content management framework that's on there.

This was followed by meeting with Kathrin Böhm (Public Works / myvillages.org) to look at how to manage the budget of the International Village Shop project being developed by myvillages, public works, somewhere and grizedale arts over the next year. Excel madness.

Did some debugging and improvements on the subscription system for Afterall, Did a whole bunch of interface and code improvements to the CMS interface of the framework I use on most of the sites I build, and some development to back end tools for managing the subscriptions on Afterall, and creating and managing Newsletters.

Added a bunch of products to the Grizedale Arts shop for the christmas rush. Get yet Jonathan Meese and Liam Gillick Grappa here - in the process did some fixed and modifications to the workflow for adding products.

Did some playing around with the Grizedale Arts project/artists data set to create a mapping of it. Made some tweaks on Spatial Agency, and looked at the mappings for that as well.

Did some work on design improvements and build of a new website for Avant Gardening.

Upgraded my development server/server monitoring system, now running a lot faster (now AMDx3) and more reliably, and with even more disk space (5TB useable, and still drive connectors spare...).

published 2009.11.27 updated 2017.06.26
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