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A thought for searching the directory

This is an email I just sent to directory-feedback(at) about narrowing search fields. I thought it may work out helpful when searching for specific items.


This is sort of a question, but also perhaps a suggestion : if possible.

I know it's possible to use the search function to find information stored in the google directory, but is it possible to do a search across a specific section. Not just headers, but across any indexed pages on the site?

For example, say I go to the directory

Shopping > Music > Instruments
And search for
second hand uk tape delay

Could it then do a full site search of all indexed pages related to entries in the index. I know this may be of limited use for shopping, but I can think of other areas where the directory structure would provide initial qualification for a search across a data subset.

Of course, it may do this already, but the way results are returned implies that it only searches the directory entry, possibly the index page pointed to by the link, but no further into that site.

I see a potential difficulty in knowing how to limit the pages returned from a site, as a site can be contained over a number of servers, but perhaps limiting the search to the specific domain and any directories below where the index page is would be a reasonable start.

If this isn't a feature I hope it's a worthy suggestion for your excellent service.

Kind regards


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