Going Postal

a letter of complaint to the royal mail...

Hopefully this all there is to be said.

Actually, no. I also was looking for my local Post Office on the site and got these instructions on how to get there. nice.

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing as I've finally had enough of the ineptitude of the postal service. This may initially have been down to a number of issues with the address of the property, it having been re-addressed by Islington Council and the communication between Islington Council and The Royal Mail not having been particularly good, but it now seems to be entirely down to the acts of my postman. I have, in the last 3 moths, experienced:

1) Properly addressed mail not being delivered, and not being returned to sender.

2) Properly addressed mail not being delivered and then being returned to sender being told 'gone away'

3) Several packages which contain Compact Disks [and look compact disk shaped] going missing in the post. More than I would say was bad luck.

4) Packages which I've not been in to receive have been thrown over the wall into the yard behind my house. This has happened on more than one occasion when it is raining.

5) Packages which require a signature have on occasion been left in the same way. Letters requiring a signature have been left in the mailbox without being signed for.

6) On several occasions parcels have not been delivered when I have been in my flat, instead collection notices have been left. Whilst my flat's intercom is clearly marked with my name no attempt to ring it has been made, as I'm aware that my intercom is loud enough for me to hear and fully functional.

Most recently the latter has happened this morning with a package marked special delivery. It was marked special delivery, and posted as such, because it was urgent. I have been waiting since 7am for this package, and when the intercom rang at around 9am I was dissapointed to find it was the water board. And even more dissapointed to find a card telling me the package had been returned to the depot and I would not be able to pick it up for 48 hours!

I've contacted the N1 Delivery Office to complain about these events before, and again today. Having left a message on the answer machine on each occasion [they never answer the phone, or call back]. I'm therefore contacting you to see how I can escalate this issue.

I am aware that the Royal Mail is a huge company working with an incredible amount of packages every day, and that therfore things will go missing or get damaged in the post. However I think that the above is more than a run of bad luck, and has now cost me more than a noticiable amount of money in replacing missing goods or interest charges levied due to missing credit card statements. I understand that this won't be compinsated for unless packages are insured, but I would expect the postman to use a reasonable amount of common sense at the last stage of delivery.

It also concerns me as the director of a small mailorder company that this should happen to my post. In speaking to friends all over London it seems this is a common occurance, and that the Royal Mail are doing very little to solve it. Presumably down to Union issues and so forth. How long will it be, however, before it becomes a bigger issue? I'm very close to taking the matter to my MP, or finding out where I stand legally, as I've had so little response so far to polite complaints that the only way forward seems to be to beligerant. I do hope to get a reasonable response to this message, but I'm posting it on my website to make public my complaints - just in case.

I look forward to your response

Kind regards


published 2003.05.21 updated 2017.06.26
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