"Becoming what one is is a creative act comparable with creating a work of art. It is freeing oneself from the tyranny of one's upbringing; emancipating oneself from convention, from education, from class, from religious belief, from all the social constraints, prejudices, and assumptions which prevent one from realizing one's own nature in its totality." - Anthony Storr

published 2002.11.14 updated 2017.06.26

Site Update

Ultra minimal

So, I've added a new feature to the navigation, in case you hadn't noticed. Can you tell what it is yet?

More updates [and some new navigation systems] coming soon. When I get off my lazy arse to build them that is.

published 2002.08.29 updated 2017.06.26

Thought for the day

Everyone hates SPAM... or do they?

I don\'t know about you, but I get a tremendous amount of SPAM. Offers of credit clearing, debt retrieval, viagra, free this, free that, porn, bad jokes [with ads attached], dvd to cd duplicating software, and offers of bulk mail lists and dodgy software to help me spam the rest of the world. I hate it. So does every one I know. And every one they know.

But, there is a market place : people are buying this stuff as a response to the adverts. They must be, or it wouldn\'t be worth the SPAMers sending out the shit in the first place. It\'s like pyramid systems. Someone is making money out of it so it carries on being a practise.

Who the hell are these people? And do they know the pain they are causing the rest of us buy encouraging them?

But then, I also wonder who buys half the shit I see in shops, and it obviously sells. I guess there are just a lot of people in the world who don\'t spend much time thinking.

published 2002.05.26 updated 2017.06.26

Google Suggestion

A thought for searching the directory

This is an email I just sent to directory-feedback(at) about narrowing search fields. I thought it may work out helpful when searching for specific items.


This is sort of a question, but also perhaps a suggestion : if possible.

I know it's possible to use the search function to find information stored in the google directory, but is it possible to do a search across a specific section. Not just headers, but across any indexed pages on the site?

For example, say I go to the directory

Shopping > Music > Instruments
And search for
second hand uk tape delay

Could it then do a full site search of all indexed pages related to entries in the index. I know this may be of limited use for shopping, but I can think of other areas where the directory structure would provide initial qualification for a search across a data subset.

Of course, it may do this already, but the way results are returned implies that it only searches the directory entry, possibly the index page pointed to by the link, but no further into that site.

I see a potential difficulty in knowing how to limit the pages returned from a site, as a site can be contained over a number of servers, but perhaps limiting the search to the specific domain and any directories below where the index page is would be a reasonable start.

If this isn't a feature I hope it's a worthy suggestion for your excellent service.

Kind regards



It's just me, myself and I

me me me
It's just me, myself, and I.
[it seems people couldn't find it]

published 2002.04.25 updated 2014.11.03

Design vs. Style

What does a designer do?

It seems more and more people these days are designers. Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Flash Designers... but it seems that a large percentage of these are fallout of the 80's "Designer Clothes" syndrome - fashion, never function.. Frankly, I feel that a lot of the "designers" out there never think about design, and are too carried away with their artistic vision.

Designers to me are people who think about the item that is to be produced, and make it work for the target audience. Henry Dreyfuss is one of the designers I idolised. He didn't just think about the visual asthetic of what he was producing, but the whole process. That made him a production designer. He considered all sides of it.

The others, well, you should think of yourself as artists. And if you haven't got a message you are trying to get across, and you aren't producing something which has a function [and that doesn't mean sticking a picture on a t-shirt]. You're not a designer... you're a stylist.

06/07/03 - I just found this article which says what I say a bove in a much more wordy way.

published 2002.01.07 updated 2017.06.26


Well, sort of...

Having been interested in both Computers and Art and Design from an early age, Dorian started his career in 1992 doing Technical Support and Training for the print and multimedia industries. He worked with a wide range of technologies from print and pre-press, network design and implementation, non-linear video editing and internet technologies. At the same time he was developing his design skills creating posters and flyers for Edinburgh’s club scene, and his musical skills DJing at various clubs and parties and working with musicians.

In 1995 he moved from Edinburgh to London to join the Obsolete collective, who had just won work on the first Levi’s Strauss & Co. website. Here he developed his skills as a web designer, interface designer and project/client manager whilst working with a range of clients including Levi's, Nature Magazine, the Health Service Journal, Scanner and A Guy Called Gerald. In 1996 Obsolete, primarily James Stevens with the help of Dorian, created Backspace an internet access space for artists and creative minds. Dorian helped a number of artists come to terms with internet technology, and to produce interactive pieces available on the internet, and as installations.

In 1997 Dorian, along with another member of Obsolete Chris McGrail, founded Kleber Design as its Managing, and Technical, Director. Focused primarily on the music industry they created award-wining websites for Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai, Des'Ree, Sade, Toploader, China Records, Warp Records, Creation Records and Ninja Tune [among others] as well as working a wide range of advertising campaigns for companies such as Columbia Tristar, Microsoft, Lotus, Hewlett Packard and Toyota. At Kleber, as well as developing his management and client handling skills, he also set up and ran their network of servers and developed several community, content-management and e-commerce solutions, as well as focusing on Information Architecture, and the complexities of integrating a strong visual aesthetic with an efficient technical solution.

In 2000 Dorian decided that he wanted to focus more time on his own projects and parted company with Kleber to set up PostEverything an on-line record distributor and shop for small independent labels. It gives the labels the ability to set-up and maintain a web-site with e-commerce, content-management and communites features, whilst helping to leverage their position with the strength in numbers that each label provides to each other, yet not undermining the labels own independence.

In early 2001 joined advertising agency BBH as Digital Technical Manager where 3 days a week he provides advice and guidance on a wide range of issues that come about during development in the digital age. He has worked on projects for Audi, Levi's Strauss & Co., BMI, Sony Ericsson, Ginsters, AEG and Perfetti as well as helping develop BBH's intranet and develop their internal use of digtial technology.

In his own time he is developing PostEverything, as well as working on some of his own multimedia ideas including music, video and illustration/animation. He has a tendency to read philosophy, psychology and Russian classics, as well as computer, music, art & media theory books. He listens to funky hip-hop, electro and techno, ranging out into the boundries on every side, and some plain weird stuff… and will DJ whenever someone will let him near a set of decks. He likes to relax with a fine malt whisky. He’s also learning German... slowly. And he’s been told he’s not a Geek, he’s just a bit tall.

published 2001.10.07 updated 2014.11.03
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