Kinder Challenge

That Friday Feeling

In an attempt to re-live that 'bring in your toy' to school before your holidays start we're having a little easter gambling fun over at SHOWstudio


Paul Bruty, Dorian and myself often like to play a game we have called the 'Kinder egg challenge'. One of us goes round to the newsagent and buys four kinder eggs. We then choose an egg each and make whatever toy is inside. The toys are then anonymously placed in the kitchen and we put a pound by our own toy. We then ask a guest judge (a member of SHOWstudio) to go in and order them from best to worst. The person whose toy is judged to be the best wins all the money (£3!) and the judge recieves the fourth egg for their efforts.

Anyway, it seems Danny was quite amused by this and has sent a basket of Kinder eggs to the studio to say happy Easter. So we have decided to hold a studio-wide Kinder challenge with YOU as the judge. There is £8 at stake for the lucky winner, so choose wisely.

Results, and a more professional demeanour, will follow after the weekend.
Ross Phillips

published 2006.04.13 updated 2017.06.26


Due to popular demand...

I've added a comments feature to the blog module of my CMS. It's pretty simple, and surely will get spammed to death before long. So then I can work on some anti-spam measures. Hurrah.

published 2006.04.12 updated 2017.06.26

Sometime Later

Working with the art direction of Nina and Karen from Somewhere we created this site for one of their many projects Sometime Later a work in progress about re-enactment and re-enactors.

The style is a bit opposite to my approach towards websites, and was a bit of a difficult process, but I like the final site despite the fact that it's more CD-ROM than Web 2.0.

Whilst waiting for the hard drives in my backup server to sync (only 3.4 hours waiting) I decided to knock up a blog for HostEverything as a preliminary status page. I'll end up syndicating the content out to each server so there is a status updates page (containing the same content) on each server.

site changes

mostly invisible

I've done a quick update to this site, to bring the CMS in line with the codebase used on SHOWstudio, somewhere, Digital Convenience and that I'm in the process of porting PostEverything to to give it a new skin and set of features.

The main advantages to this site is that I can more easily use features I've created for other projects, and I can take advantage of all that when playing around with new interfaces I want to try.

published 2005.10.23 updated 2017.06.26

Thought for the day... FAT

Microsoft do cross platform?

Riddle me this: why does a company that has relatively closed approach to software and file format development have the only file system that I can get to work cross platform ... Windows, OS X, *BSD, Linux, hell even my Psion, my Phone and my Cameras all support FAT.

I finally have something that Microsoft developed that I am truely thankful for. Shame Windows doesn't support larger than 32Gb volumes.

published 2005.09.27 updated 2014.11.03
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