Adventures in MobLoging

or mblging or whatever catchphrase is appropriate.

In preperation for sorting out SHOWstudio's MMS to web gateway I've tidied up the code I wrote last december to allow me to post to my site via my mobile phone. It's a pretty simple perl script which executes via a pipe when mail is received, and files any attachments and inserts the contents of the message into a DB.

I've got it set up to post to MoveableType. Probably could be set to post to other blogging tools as well. Hmmmmm.

published 2003.06.30 updated 2017.06.26


Fashion meets Art meets Technology

Danny recomended that I help out with his work a SHOWstudio whilst he is incapacitated. I'm not the director whizz that Danny is [we can leave that to James] but I've been fixing Perl code on their server for them to do live interviews. There is one tomorrow with Tracy Emin. Fingers crossed.

Well... that went well ... read

published 2003.06.24 updated 2017.06.26

Red Bull HomeGroove

A project connecting DJ's and producers in Italy how's your Italian.

I built this site using a rewrite of my CMS and some new tricks and ideas I've been playing with. It's working quite well so far, it's been up for about a month and I've been to occupied with other things to update my site to mention it. My tasks where ratifying the Dreamweaver HTML [IE rewriting it] and integrating all the content into the CMS. I adapted the CMS to deal with unicode properly which should help with some forthcomming [hopefully] work.

published 2003.06.11 updated 2017.06.26

Long lasting work

Some design I did in late 95/early 96

In a moment of reflection I was thinking about site designs I had done, and one I did when I was at Obsolete at the begining of my career. Having worked on a website for Nature I ended up working on a not quite prestidious site for Macmillan's Health Service Journal. Anyway I looked to see what had happend to the site and discoverd that it's still basically my design. It's been hacked and broken, but it's the same images.

Now, there are lots of sites that existed in 1995/1996 around. But how many of them have kept the same design whilst updating the content regularly. For all that time. I think they've even changed the CMS behind it.

It's not a great site by any means. But clean and simple. My style.

published 2003.03.29 updated 2017.06.26

the anual reworking of SHOWstudio (god damn this CMS is getting complex)

Internet Broadcasting. Systems Development. Installation Work. Systems Administration.

Website Build with Content Management System. won a Webby Award for best Fashion Website in 2003.

Dorian Moore was Chief Technical Officer of SHOWstudio from 2003-2009.

"Fantastic Dorian: its like having the internet SWAT team on my side!", Nick Knight

published 2003.01.01 updated 2017.10.01


What I've worked on....

I've been trying to get together a list of projects that I've worked on in the last few years. This is some of it, in no particular order. Some of these were design work, some of them where technical contributions, some of them were art direction, some of them were project management, some just general input, some of them were conscientious objector...

Men In Black
On-U Sound
A Guy Called Gerald
Swim Records
Hydrogen Dukebox
China Records [Morcheba, Rialto]
Warp Records [+ Loads of artist stuff]
Ninja Tune
Health Service Journal
Kylie Minogue
Stereo MCs
Robert Miles
Almighty Records
Nature Magazine
Creation Records
Pressure Sounds
DJ Rap
Attica Blues
Chill Out Records
Manic Street Preachers
The Blue Room
Utah Saints
Banco De Gaia
Baby Bird
Higher Ground
The Beatles
The Designers Republic
Wipeout 3
Pressure Drop
Mind Horizon
The Odd Toot
Sony Ericsson
Zebra 3
Hewlett Packard
Business Net
The Remidi Project
The Orb
Sativae + Drought records
DJ Rap
Elvis Lebt

published 2002.11.25 updated 2017.06.26
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